Expected Gas Mileage For Your Car

Vinatage Gas Pumps I unexpectedly found a website from the US Department of Energy that has a feature that tells you the expected mpg (miles per gallon) rating of your car.  This includes new and used vehicles.  The figures for the used vehicles have been updated to show what mileage the vehicle should currently be getting, as well as what the vehicle was rated for when new.

For example, a 2004 Lexus ES 330 was originally estimated to get a combined highway/city mpg rating of 24.  Currently the site estimates the 2019 mileage would be expected to be 21 mpg.  Additionally, the site allows input from readers. The actual input from 2004 Lexus ES 330 owners averages 22.5 mpg.

Does Your Engine Need a Tune Up … or Do You?

Cool.  This is a good tool for determining if your engine needs a tune-up or perhaps your driving habits need some adjusting. If your actual gas mileage for your car falls short of the estimates, you might even want to check your tires.  Improperly inflated or over-worn tires can reduce gas mileage, too.

Compare Mileage

If you are thinking of buying another car, then the site allows you to compare up to four vehicles side by side.  You can use this feature to decide which vehicle will have the lowest expected yearly operating costs.

Your Monthly Gas Budget

Another good way to use this information is in polishing your monthly expense budget.  If you are not sure how much to put on your budget for monthly gasoline expenses, then the site has an estimated gasoline cost per driving mile to help you get started with a figure.

More Gas Savings Information

If your driving habits might be the culprit, then visit The Fat Dollar’s article Save Money on Gas where I share the no-cost changes I made to increase my gas mileage by 26%.

Do you know the gas mileage for your car?  How does it compare to the official mileage estimates?

Editors Note:  Updated 10-17-19


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