Using a Dime to Save a Dollar – Inexpensive Bag Clips Keep Food Fresh

Editor’s Note:  Originally published 09-11-11

Keeping food tightly sealed while stored on the shelf is an excellent way to stretch your food budget.

I bought a set of plastic clothespins (see photo on the left) for less than 10 cents each.  These pins do a great job of keeping plastic and wax bags sealed tightly.  I simply fold the liner and hold it in place with one or two clips. They are colorful and easy to use.



Cereal stays fresh and crispy up to 3 months longer when the liner is folded and sealed after each use.  They can be used for sealing bread, chips, crackers, pet food, and even in the freezer for items such as french fry bags and frozen fruit bags.

I’ve tried using the clips designed and sold specifically as food bag clips, but they don’t work as well for me as the clothespins.  In addition, the regular food bag clips are dramatically more expensive.  I’ve seen them listed for as much as $6.99 for one food bag clip (check online at

I’ve posted a longer article at The Fat Dollar Money Saving Tip of the Day.  See  for more details on uses and potential money savings. I estimate that I am saving up to $100.00 or more a year on food by using these as bag clips to keep food tightly sealed.

Clip on a bag of cereal


Wooden clothespins work, too, but they don’t seem to be quite as durable as the plastic clothespins.  The plastic ones also have the advantage of coming in a variety of colors and they look more attractive on the food bags.

This is a good example of finding fun and inexpensive ways to save money on food.  It also makes for fewer trips to the grocery store to replace food that has gone stale while on the shelf, so you are saving time, too.

It’s nice to use and enjoy what you already have. Knowing that you already have plenty of something is a way to expand your feeling of abundance. Now that’s the Fat Dollar way.


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