The Microwave Muffin Experiment

I found a recipe for baking microwave muffins in one of my favorite muffin recipe books (Another 250 Muffin Recipes by Esther Brody). Finding the recipe made me wonder what a microwave muffin would taste like and how much money would be saved by using the microwave instead of my regular gas oven for baking.


The calculated cost savings were $.24 total for this batch of muffins.  I was not impressed with the texture and color of the microwaved muffins. For me, the savings were not worth it for this particular recipe.

The muffins were perfectly good, though.  All of the muffins were eaten within the next two days. I just personally prefer the moist-tender crumb texture and the slightly crisp crust-top of an oven baked muffin.

I baked part of the batter in a regular gas oven so that I would have a good comparison of the difference between baking methods.  For more detail, including the recipe I used and more photos, see The Fat Dollar article Using the Microwave for Baking – Is It Worth the Savings?

The experiment did show me that regular use of the microwave instead of a regular gas (or electric) oven could result in substantial savings over the course of a year.

For example, if we assume that we could save $.25 in energy costs just once a day, in a year we would save $91.25.  That is a simple way to save money and conserve energy, all while spending less time cooking.  Now, that’s the Fat Dollar way!

I invite you to share your experience with baking in a microwave.  Any success stories?




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