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Use Old Magazines for this Project – Possibly a Mother’s Day Present for the Kids

Stack of magazines

Craft Idea for Magazines

If you have a stack of old magazines, some glue, and some bored kids, then here is a nearly free way to keep them occupied and get rid of your old magazines at the same time. Recycle, reuse, repurpose.

The link here is to a website called Cut out and Keep and the article is for a Magazine Waste Basket. Before you wrinkle your nose, do take a look at the project – it is actually cute and probably something the kids would like to keep in their rooms. It might even make a nice handmade present that your kids can make and give.

Maybe it will even inspire the kids to clean up their rooms and put their trash in the basket they just made …. we can always dream, can’t we?

Another idea I just had: this might be a good project for a school or Sunday school group. You could donate the old magazines along with the instructions for the magazine waste basket and viola! you’ve gotten rid of the magazines and helped out your school or church group.

Recycle old magazines into a reusable item while fueling your own or your child’s creativity. Now that’s The Fat Dollar way.

See Magazine Waste Basket and 1000’s of others – or share your own on Cut Out + Keep