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Make Your Own Kindle Case or Cover

Make Your Own Kindle BagIf you have been delighted to have a new Kindle, or other eBook reader, but are dismayed at the cost of the covers and cases being offered for them, then you will love these sites.  As I was searching for more information on the Kindle, I found several sites offering excellent and creative instructions for useful, stylish Kindle covers and other eBook reader covers and cases.


I’ll list some of them here.  If you’ve been yearning for a Kindle case and would like some suggestions on free or cheap (as in price) cases and covers, this will give you great ideas and instructions.  Most materials you will either already have at home or you can find them easily at a yard sale or thrift shop.

Getting something that is useful, stylish, and frugal by using recycled materials – well, that’s the Fat Dollar way.

How to MakeKindle Cover – no photos, but detailed instructions using fabric and cardboard

Hand Made Kindle Case – this Kindl e case looks like a book

Custom Kindle Cover – this one also folds into a stand for hands-free Kindle reading

Good luck and happy reading!