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Saving Money with Printed and Online Grocery Coupons

Woman clipping coupons from a magazineA few years ago, a grocery store coupon was just that: a rectangle of paper that was printed with the product details and cost savings.  They could be found in newspapers and newspaper inserts, in magazines, and sometimes inside of or printed on the box of a grocery product.

While those are still good places to find coupons, another major source has emerged: online grocery coupons.  Today, there are multiple sources for free online grocery coupons, both electronic and online printable grocery coupons.

I’m working on a more detailed article about saving money with grocery coupons, but in the meantime I’ll share some of the resources for coupons that are available to you.

Traditional (and not so traditional) offline print coupons:

Most Sunday newspapers have one to four different inserts each week:

Proctor and Gamble (P&G)
Local store or regional inserts of coupons

Many magazines have coupons:

All You (my personal favorite – a multitude of coupons)
Better Homes and Gardens (usually a handful of coupons)
Good Housekeeping (handful)

Grocery St0res:

Most grocery stores will have a flyer featuring specials and coupons good in their store only
In the aisles of the stores, watch for display boxes that dispense coupons for nearby products.

Drug and discount stores:

CVS stores frequently have a scanning station where you can scan your CVS card and the scanner automatically prints coupons based on  your spending patterns.  CVS also issues flyers with store-only coupons.

Walgreens also issues flyers with store-only coupons and sale items

To spend the least amount of time and get the most benefit from coupons,  the Sunday paper inserts are your best bet. Most likely your grocery store will have sales that coordinate with the Sunday paper coupon inserts.

Online Grocery Coupons:

There are two types of online coupons- printable,  the kind that you can print on your printer and take to the store, and electronic, the kind that you can load onto your grocery  store card,  such as a Kroger card.  Another type of electronic coupon, the cell phone coupon,  is also emerging, but the coupons tend to be mostly for restaurants and big-ticket items.

Free printable online grocery coupons:
(Note:  you will likely have to download a software program that allows you to print coupons.  Be cautious and use only trusted sites.)

Some stores will not accept self-printed grocery coupons.  Be sure to check ahead on the policy at your local grocery store

Some of the more popular sites:


If you have a favorite brand, you can also try going directly to their website to print coupons.

A few examples:



Electronic Grocery Coupons:
For electronic grocery coupons, you will need a participating grocery store card, such as Kroger’s.  You register your grocery card and select your coupons which are loaded onto your card.  Very convenient to use, although a little awkward to know which coupons you have loaded on your card while you are actually in the store.

PGesaver.com (Proctor & Gamble)


I hope this list gives you a good resource for printed and online grocery coupons.  With just a few minutes each week, you should be able to easily save $10.00 to $25.00 a week on groceries.  If you enjoy working with grocery coupons and matching them to store sales and double coupon days, then your savings can be much higher.

A few minutes of time and a good amount of grocery money savings.  Now that’s The Fat Dollar Way.