About The Fat Dollar

The Fat Dollar is here with money saving tips and ideas to give you bigger results from your money and time. A Fat Dollar buys more and not just “stuff”. A Fat Dollar works for you to create a better quality of life. A Fat Dollar lets you reach your dreams. The Fat Dollar will help you appreciate your abundance and get more impact from each dollar.

A money saving tip is only good if it works for you. The Fat Dollar will help you use what you already have as well as things you can easily get. Our motto is that a money saving tip should be interesting, fun, relatively easy, and should awaken your creative spirit. Oh, and one more thing …. a money saving tip should make you feel comfortably rich, not miserly or deprived!

Your beliefs can change your life. The Fat Dollar can teach you how to increase your money and budget your money, but if you are convinced that you will always be poor and broke, then it’s likely that you will be. If you want true wealth and a lifestyle free from worries and constraints about money, then you will have to learn how to behave that way! It’s that simple.

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